Pool Inspections and Safety

Safety Inspections

One problem that unfortunately is becoming common in safety inspections is the inspections  being carried out by the same company as the person repairing what is “needed”… doesn’t make for a very unbiased service!

We use an external provider with many years of experience both as a building and pool safety inspector.  We can put you in touch directly with them or can arrange the whole process.

Learn more about the pool safety checklist from Council

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Pre Purchase Inspections

Are you buying a home with a pool?  We have a Pre-Purchase Inspection Service available for any client who requires some assurance when purchasing a property with a pool. This includes a site inspection of the pool & equipment and a detailed report on its condition will be provided as well as estimate of any repairs or replacement that you can then negotiate with the vendor.  In many cases we have saved our customers many thousands of dollars by finding problems with equipment during these inspections and are well worth the investment of less than a hundred dollars.

We can liaise directly with the real estate agent or vendor on your behalf and will call you directly after the inspection to discuss, as well as send you a written report within 24 hours.

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Pre-Sale Inspections

A great idea if you’re selling your house, we can assess your equipment and provide you with a written report that you can give to your sales agent and potential buyers that outlines the condition of the pool and its equipment.

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