FAQ & Education

How often should I test the pool water?
Once a week is ideal.

Can our dog swim in our pool?
Ideally no. A dog is equivalent to 30 people in your pool. However if you really want Fido to swim, providing we know that there are dogs in the pool, we can treat the water accordingly

There is algae in our pool, what should I do?
Call us, we will inspect the reason why the algae appeared and treat your pool.

How many hours a day do I have to run the pump?
Depends on the size of the pool and pump, however as a guide in the summer: generally about 8 hours and during the winter: about half that.

What is the difference between saltwater and chlorine pools?
A saltwater pool uses a salt water generator to produce chlorine gas which will sanitise your pool.

How often do our pool filters have to be cleaned?
During normal use of the pool: monthly.

Our pool pump is very noisy, what do I have to do?
Turn off the pump and call us, when the pump is noisy, often repairs are required.  Running it will cause more expensive damage.

What is an ironised pool?
An ironized pool uses copper and silver instead of sanitizers like chlorine

Why has my pool turned green?
Pools only turn green because of low sanitiser levels or poor water flow, which can be caused by heavy use of the pool or equipment that is not working. Onsite assistance is required so please give us a call.

I think our pool has a leak, what can I do?
Please call us, we will check if your pool is losing more water than usual and arrange, if necessary, a leak detector.  We can also explain how to set up a evaporation test.

The pool water is getting cloudy, what is causing this and how can I avoid it?
A number of things can cause cloudy water but often it is due to low chlorine levels. To avoid it, make sure that the sanitiser levels are correct and increase pump hours.

At the inlet of the pool I can see air bubbles, what could be the problem?
If you use an automatic cleaner it is quite normal to see some air bubbles. If not, you may have air getting into the system via damaged O-rings or joints on the suction side of your pool system. Inspection is required so give us a call.

After a heavy rainfall, how do I drain the water from my pool?
If you do not know how to do this on your pool system, please call us for assistance, we  can explain this over the phone.

I have Black spots in my concrete pool, what are they?
Black spot (algae) in concrete pools is caused by a long term low chlorine level.

We are able to treat this in different ways depending on the level of infestation. It can be a sign of chlorinators not working effectively.

What does it means to shock my pool?
To shock your pool means to add a certain amount of sanitiser and oxidisers to burn off built up wastes.

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