Pool Equipment and Specials


The size of pump installed in your pool will depend on the size of the pool and the location of the pump in relation to the pool, as well as any additions such as solar or automatic cleaners that may be installed.  If you need to replace your pump we will calculate the water volume of the pool and the head (the distance the water needs to be pulled) to work out the options that best suit your pool.  Sometimes this can save you hundreds of dollars in power saving, and sometimes your pool will become like new again with the right equipment installed.

Autochlor (Chlorinator)

Astral (Pump)

Viron (Energy Efficient Pump)

Enviroswim (Chlorine Free)

RB Cleaner (Robotic Cleaner)

Onga Hammerhead (Suction Cleaner)


We can service, repair or replace almost any piece of pool equipment. We do have our preferred brands that we use because of their combination of reliability, price and warranty however we can source any brand that you particularly want.

If equipment isn’t working, we will always provide you with a number of solutions to choose from to fix the problem.

If you are looking at new systems, we again will always provide you with more than one option so you can choose the one that suits you best.

For example there are both chlorine and non-chlorine sanitising systems and there are standard and power saving pumps.  We can show you what each option means and the consequence or benefit of each solution.

Call us today to discuss any of the services or products you might require